Delicious free food photographs for creatives

Free Food Photos

Scatter Jar is a free resource celebrating the joy and beauty of food photography. It’s a place for creatives to download unlimited free food photos, in high resolution, for both personal and commercial use. Scatter Jar lovingly captures the foods of the seasons and showcases beautiful imagery ranging from healthy foods to Christmas baking. New food photos are added to the website every month so go ahead and browse our ever growing archive of fruits, cakes, drinks, vegetables and plenty more!

How to use our free food photos

You might be a student needing food photography for an educational assignment or a professional looking to enhance a commercial project in the workplace. Our free food photos have been used in all kinds of ways both online and in print - whether it be to enhance blog posts, to print on posters, publish in e-books, or for social media posts - you can pretty much use our photos however you like! To find out more simply read the full Scatter Jar license.